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April 1, 2016
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April 1, 2016
Structured Data Crushwhat
Structured Data Click on "check source code" on any website and you'll see a maze of formulas or markups known as structured data that follow specific rules and make your content discernible by search engines. Google recognizes several types of data format read by browsers and the search bots that crawl websites. Part of the purpose of these markups is to help Google better understand website content so that it is more likely to be included in a search. For a time, structured data and SEO were seen as having little relationship, so it fell out of common use among website developers.
Structured Data Makes Your Site Google- And User-Friendly After recent Google algorithm updates, structured data is considered important again. While not all websites use structured data, at least to its fullest, there are tools in Google and elsewhere that instruct about adding structured data to a website to point out areas on your page that should be tagged. The tool turns the tags into HTML tags. You can even add rich snippets to add local structured data and associate a geographic term with the page, which is tremendously helpful if you're a local business trying to attract local customers through internet searches. Not all structured data is just for search engines; it can show up as tables and information boxes on the visible page to make information more orderly and readable.
Anticipating Google's Next Move With Rich Snippets The expectation is great among SEO and website professionals that future Google algorithm changes will give rich snippets and structured data more recognition in ranking factors. The best way to prepare for the future, and to include valuable Google structured data in your site now, is to entrust your site management to Crush What.

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