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Design Since a website brands your company, it should clearly answer the basic questions a visitor would have about your products and services. While you want it to be attractive and useful, you also want to build a Google magnet that will place you high in searches and bring you traffic. How successful you are depends on the structure of a website and a link profile that leads people to your site and from it with outbound links to other relevant pages.
E-Commerce Our firm builds a variety of e-commerce sites, including customized platform as well as magento. Our e commerce site combine ease of use with superior design.
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Organizing For SEO Modern sites use silo theming to organize content into searchable sections. Each silo has a landing page with pages for categories for more information specific to the topic which is often communicated by internal linking back to other pages in the site. This approach to organizing content is easy to navigate for both humans and Google.
Responsive Web Design Current websites, often built with WordPress or other web friendly platforms, blend function and ease-of-use for both you and your intended population of visitors. The best websites utilize the principles of responsive web design (RWD) and can be viewed correctly regardless of whether the user sees it on a large PC screen, tablet, or smart phone. Rather than designing mobile websites in addition to your main site, a site built with RWD will adjust itself to fit the platform.
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