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Google Tools For Your Business Google has many tools available to help you. The rules keep changing, but a savvy businessperson will buckle their seat belt and try to keep track of the updates. Only three years old, Google+ is Google's social media network. While this network is not as popular as Google hoped it would be, it is integrated with other useful platforms such as YouTube, Google Play, Hangouts, Google Maps, and other products. For business, it has taken over Google Places and Google+ Local in a new service called Google My Business or GMB. The Google My Business service offers three ways to promote your business, based on whether you want to promote one location, multiple locations of the same business, or a brand or product not restricted by geography. GMB will increase your opportunities to interact with customers as you can post updates, news and special offers, and pictures on your Google+ page and Google+ events page.
Other Local Optimization Tools Local social sites such as Yelp, plus local mobile apps for phones, and HTML microformats in local search optimization to direct people toward your contact information in the code, can also help you rank higher in the local search results.
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