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Don't Live In A Bad Link Neighborhood The importance of links has led many website owners to purchase links in an attempt to artificially increase the popularity of their site. Google looks at the types of links on a page and makes judgments about the "link neighborhood" represented. If your website is full of spammy links, they will make the assumption that your site is filled with low quality information. This has led some sites to limit incoming links by using a "no follow" tag, in an attempt to block sites with poor quality links.
Develop A Website Backlink Strategy Given the importance of links, having a website backlink strategy is crucial to increasing the website metrics that Google uses. Writing great content that other sites want to link to is essential if you want to increase SEO through backlinks. To assess what you have, there are multiple tools available that show your backlink profile. By using these tools, which are often free from Google and others, you can see a list of all links on your site, and you can see the ratio of the number of referring domains as compared to the number of external backlinks on your site. You can also run competitor backlink reports to aid you in your own link building efforts.
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