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Content Marketing Crushwhat
Developing A Content Strategy Whether you want information about your company to help you with prospecting, sales, marketing, PR, membership, customer service, or any other purpose, you should plan ahead to assure that everything that comes from your company has a consistent message and look. To promote your company and your website, you can use blogs, social media, and videos. Though you may write to build a following among humans, you also need to do content marketing for SEO. Combining content marketing with SEO is the best way to grow search traffic to your website. By using techniques such as keyword targeting, link building, guest blogging, or including FAQ sections, you can provide useful information that Google loves. These days, Google does not just search text, so your YouTube and social media entries should be part of your content strategy as well
Using Ethical White Hat SEO Techniques In the past, some SEO specialists thought they could outsmart Google by using questionable techniques to optimize their sites using black hat tactics, as they are called. By keyword spamming, showing search engines different information than people (cloaking), deceptive redirects to irrelevant sites, duplicate content, making text or links the same color as the background, etc., they hope to build traffic. But now these tricks can get your site banned and removed from search engines. The way to go is white hat SEO tactics, built on relevant content and good quality inbound links.
Content Marketing Crushwhat

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