Business with a Brand Identity and Strategy. Differentiate Your Business.

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Branding Business with a Brand Identity and Strategy. Differentiate Your Business Vanilla might continue to be a popular flavor of ice cream, but when you are talking about websites, you don't want your brand to be bland. In the Internet age, your website is the major tool for branding your products and services, so you want the site to be attractive and full of useful information that interests viewers. To make your site fulfill your goals, you need a branding strategy and a content marketing strategy.
What's Your Branding Strategy? Part of branding your site is to have an appearance that is consistent in color, style, look, and feel throughout all your marketing material, advertising, and social media. Key to your design is a logo, a clever avatar that introduces your brand and makes it recognizable Though this little icon may be simple, logo design is not. A good logo may be a symbol (think Apple's Apple with a bite removed or the Wikipedia globe) or stylized text (think FedEx or What is key are recognizable elements that can be scaled to appear throughout your media exposures.
Business Branding Strategy
Business Branding Crushwhat
Keeping It Fresh With A Content Marketing Strategy No matter how great your site looks and how many tools you use to build traffic, you must constantly update it in order to stay relevant, keep people coming back, and maintain your high ranking. You need a content marketing strategy that might include page updates, blogging, and social media integration to attract both visitors and Googlebots, the automated spiders that crawl the web for content.

If you need help designing your branding strategy and in carrying it out to keep your site fresh, turn to Crush What for assistance. We specialize in developing your branding and then content marketing strategy. To see what we can do for you, contact us today at (844) 278-7494, email or fill out our contact form for a quick reply

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