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April 1, 2016
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April 1, 2016
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April 1, 2016
Find Right Keywords for your site Crushwhat
Keyword Selection If links are the streets that get Google from one webpage to another, keywords are the street signs. Consisting of words or short phrases, they bring visitors to websites by way of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). By doing keyword research to find the way that others with websites on a particular topic have increased inbound traffic, website owners can effectively plan their own sites.
Keyword Targeting The Right Way Since Internet searchers "Google" keywords, a good site uses keywords carefully throughout. Content written with keyword targeting in mind uses these words the way that people would do in normal conversation or writing, rather than awkwardly stuffing them into the text. Current practice discourages artificial techniques that increase keyword density without adding meaning. Creating good content starts with keyword research, often using Google tools such as AdWords or the newest tool, the Keyword Planner, or similar devices offered by other software providers. The purpose of these tools is to find appropriate keywords and estimate the amount of traffic they have generated in Google searches. Researching competitor keywords also offers insights as to the direction a website owner might take with their own site. These tools are also good for verifying the potential performance of keywords you have already selected.
How Keyword Research Can Pay Off You can also target your keywords by using location, language, date, and network to find new ideas of words to rank for. In any industry, many of the very broad terms are already "owned" by major players in the field. By properly combining a word with a location or another variable, you can come up with a new keyword with less competition that will result in paying less when you are doing Google AdWords or other PPC campaigns. While ranking for a keyword such as "firearms" might be very competitive, a "long tailed" alternative such as "small firearms in Yorba Linda" could give you better ranking for less money.

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