Google Penalty Assessment

April 1, 2016
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March 21, 2016
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April 1, 2016
Google Penalty Assessment
Google Penalty Assessment A website that ranks high on Google follows the Google SEO algorithm, a complicated mathematical formula that is beyond the ability of normal mortals to discern. In past years, SEO companies could easily find ways to make sites rank high, but recent changes have made the process more difficult.
Beware The Google SEO Algorithm What Google now wants are "natural links" helpful for searching, not ones that lead to a place that has no connection to your website. While backlinks remain of prime importance, Google has very specific rules for what constitutes bad backlinks. They hate links to websites just set up to acquire SEO links, foreign domains, sites not relevant to your topic, and content spam, such as duplicate content or illiterate, poorly written content.
Preventing And Recovering From Google Penalties If Google assesses that your site contains bad links, they will advise you they are levying a Google penalty for rankings. Some very reputable companies and clients of a major Internet marketing firm have been assessed with a Google penalty for this reason, which decimated their rankings in the SERPs. They are now slowly rebuilding their credibility with thorough backlink removal.

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To help you with back link removal if you've received a Google penalty or to make sure that your site does not either have bad links or content spam, you need the services of Crush What, an Internet marketing firm. We have no crystal ball as to the Google SEO algorithm, but can offer an effective SEO site assessment that follows current rules. Call us today at (844) 278-7494, email or fill out our contact form for a quick reply

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